Month: April 2017


It is almost too beyond, beyond amazing to even write about this. Something I never realized could be the greatest sweetest most lovely blessing in your life. That blessing is becoming a grandma!! (Of course, that would be a grandpa if you are a man.) At 5:00 am on Wed April 19th my oldest daughter Jenn came into our room and was standing at the end of the bed saying her water broke. (This was three weeks early to her due date.) I was so sound asleep and I thought I was dreaming, except for the mere fact that when I sat up wondering...

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Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

Why look at all of this faith building? There may be a better way. Most of us struggle to live healthy and positive lives, some of it due to our mindset and some of it because of our actions (or no action). Something wonderful is out there. How can we jump over into it? We have an enemy that tries to stop our forward movement. The tactic is fear. As a recap, we saw that if we refuse or just can’t seem to let ourselves take the leap, it is exactly at the point of breakthrough that the default happens. If...

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The Secret To Encountering God In ‘The Shack’ Movie

It is strange to me that there seems to be some controversy among Christians about watching the movie ‘The Shack.’ But are these reasons valid? “I read the book and loved it.” “I read the book and didn’t like certain parts of it.” “I didn’t want to read the book because I was nervous about whether it was portraying God accurately.” These and other banter have been chatted about over coffee or dinner or wherever people talk these days. And over the years the book ‘The Shack’ has been exposed to an exceptional amount of scrutiny. I guess I don’t quite...

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Surprising Reason Why NOW Is Important

To step across the threshold, we must leap forward. During this leap is where we will meet the incredible supernatural power of God. When we cross the threshold in any given belief, we are always crossing over from death to life when we connect with God. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us as believers. He is the best and most powerful ‘activation energy.’ (To understand this more, you can read the previous post on the threshold of your faith in the category ‘Faith In Action, ‘ or if you haven’t read any of the...

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