It all started the day I went to a women’s conference that I wasn’t sure I even wanted to attend. You know how that goes right? You show up to something unaware of how it is going to change you and your perspective. Oh yes, this happened to me, and nothing like anyone could ever expect.

I was innocently sitting in my seat looking around the room at the other 300 ladies to see what they were wearing and to try to get a vibe on the atmosphere. In the background, I could hear the conference speaker starting to describe someone’s life. My subconscious realized that ‘that’ someone was me. She asked if what she said fit with anyone. I hesitantly started to raise my hand, secretly hoping that someone else would beat me to it. No one did because no one else was ever going to raise their hand this was part of my personal story, and the speaker had nailed it and me. She looked me straight in the eyes and gestured for me to come up to stand next to her. I complied.

As I was walking toward her, I could sense a powerful force in control of the situation because as I got about 2 feet away from her, something struck us both. She fell backward, and I was catapulted back like a repelling magnet that thrust me airborne landing me on my back, stunned.

Whether you believe that God is powerful or not, I am sure this would have changed your understanding. As I regained my composure, I felt molten lava hot. My whole body. It was not a hot flash. I have had those occasionally, and they are no fun. It was different and incredible. I instantly knew that I was healed.

You may be asking, “What were you healed of or from?”

I had severely struggled with health issues for about 14 years. Fibromyalgia had rendered me miserable and unable to do some of the simple basic things of daily life. Like vacuuming and mopping the floors. One can live with that, right? But I had a hard time just wearing clothes and lying on my sheets at night to sleep. I had what felt like thousands of bees stinging my skin all of the time. Exhausted would have been a good word to describe me. Unfortunately, there is a growing number of people who are affected by fibromyalgia. Over the years, it has been given a bad wrap because those that don’t have it can’t understand it. Extending compassion is a blessing to anyone who even says they think this describes them.

Anyway back to the healing. As I lay there on that carpet, flat on my back, with hundreds of people staring at me, I knew without a doubt that God had healed me of that debilitating disease. Gone. Yes, gone. I crawled back to my seat never to be the same again. That night I went to bed feeling the soft smoothness of my sheets. I woke up the next morning still feeling warm all over.

God conveyed to me…”I coated you with warm honey to take away your bee stinging pain.”

I got to thinking of all the Scriptures in the Bible that talk about honey. The land flowing with milk and honey was my first thought. I looked it up. I was intrigued that it says, a good and spacious land flowing with milk and honey.

What does all of this have to do with anything?

I know that most of us like to know how people get started with a new adventure in their life. What compels them to forge out on the trail of the unknown to start something that probably doesn’t have a roadmap. Being healed was the launch pad, literally, to finding a new direction. A good and spacious place to be free to be me. And enjoy it.

Can you relate to anything I talked about today? Send me a note. I would love to hear. Behind the scenes has more detail and drama stay tuned… here is the next post.