Debbie Jones

One of my passions is bringing the Word of God to life. With the firm belief that each of us has a unique destiny and that this is best fulfilled within the bounty of a deep loving relationship with God. The Lord has set my heart ablaze as a catalyst to boldly proclaim that you can do anything in life if you know you are totally loved.

I love people and I am constantly inspired to bring about connection and community.

There is nothing more relaxing than being in nature and I love to spend time walking in the park with friends. I am an avid reader. Music and beauty light my heart on fire. My absolute favorite thing is to be a worshiper and I have a constant longing to give honor to the King.

I have been married for 31 years to my wonderful and caring husband Gary. We have 3 grown children Jennifer, Brian, and Andrea and we have our first granddaughter on the way.

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