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May I Be Frank About Spiritual Gifts?

Let’s have a conversation about the spiritual gifts and what role they have in our churches today, and this could be a real doozy depending on a few dynamics. I have seen some pretty nasty fights in the comments section on Facebook. And I surely do not want to go there at all. (In fact, that is not the place to vent one’s opinionated opinions. If you have something to argue about please don’t drag the rest of us into it.) But I am willing to open up to express what I have come to learn, and it could...

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You Won’t Believe Why The ‘End Times’ Haunt You?

Many people treat eschatology as an area of theology to be avoided, “Too complicated and what I don’t know or understand can’t haunt me.” The last days has actually been emerging since the beginning of the foundations of the earth. God is the First and the Last. So the end times have been in motion since the beginning. Though not as crucial for study as other aspects of the faith it is still pertinent to the way someone ultimately lives out their life in expectancy. Yes, the times are near, they are eminent, ripe and ready. Eschatology is from two...

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What Inconsistency Bugs You The Most In Other Christians?

What bugs me most in other Christians? I had to think about this question for a while, searching for the part of me that seems easiest to get on up into my soapbox. What gets you a bit riled up? I will tell you mine if you tell me yours… I know neither of us wants to say it, do we? And maybe mine is not exactly what you might think. So here goes, I begin with this bold statement. We have many in the church, who all though they came to faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, still...

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What Church Era Are You Best Suited For? – The Times Of ‘Downton Abbey’?

I was daydreaming one day wondering what it would be like to live in a different era. The conclusion of ‘Downton Abbey’ was all the buzz as the final episode aired a few months ago on PBS. It may have been a blessing to live in the higher elite of society in the early 1900’s and not have to be the poor person trapped in the basement of servitude. But was that what was happening in the church during this same modern age? My thoughts were, “At some other time in history it had to have been better to...

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Would Other People Say YOU Are Trustworthy?

How important is ‘trust’ to you? Is it a crucial part of having a relationship with someone? Are you someone people trust? There is no such thing as a ‘trust-omitor.’ But if there was it might not serve you as you might hope. It could have a faulty reading if you only get one opportunity to use it to read someone’s trust vibe. You would need to have it on all the time and have it be always accurate. I have discovered that there is a better way to gauge trust. The first step is to find out if...

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What’s So Amazing About The Throne Of Grace?

I want you to know that what I am about to share with you is by far one of the most off-the-chart life rearranging and eye-opening truths I have ever had the privilege of becoming aware of. In Fact it borderlines on the sacred and sublime. Not to be read lightly I might add. The very first book of the Bible that I ever read as a Christian was the book of Hebrews. It has a special place in my heart. Probably one of the more difficult books to understand and as a new believer it was way over...

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Supercharge Your Bible Wisdom – Ultimate Guide To The Old Testament

One of the most intriguing challenges I was asked to undertake turned out to be a fun endeavor, can you imagine having to write a paper on the Old Testament? Where would you start? After deliberating long and hard, I decided to go with the obscure. Over the years I have been led again and again to chapter 16 of the book of Ezekiel, so much so that my Bible often falls open right at that spot. It’s an allegory from the prophet Ezekiel to Jerusalem. To say it is gripping, telling, volatile and a bit vivid in its...

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What Your Pastor May Not Be Telling You About Communing With God

Do you know what one of the main things is that pastors may not be communicating to Christians? What distinguishes ‘Christians’ from all the people on the face of the earth? As I share this with you, I hope by the end of this post you will say yes, that is a good point. What is communing with God anyway? We are often told to make sure we spend time with Him. Not many people like the word ‘devotions’ or even ‘quiet time.’ Those two phrases can cause you to tune out or move on to another website. I know...

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It is almost too beyond, beyond amazing to even write about this. Something I never realized could be the greatest sweetest most lovely blessing in your life. That blessing is becoming a grandma!! (Of course, that would be a grandpa if you are a man.) At 5:00 am on Wed April 19th my oldest daughter Jenn came into our room and was standing at the end of the bed saying her water broke. (This was three weeks early to her due date.) I was so sound asleep and I thought I was dreaming, except for the mere fact that when I sat up wondering...

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Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

Why look at all of this faith building? There may be a better way. Most of us struggle to live healthy and positive lives, some of it due to our mindset and some of it because of our actions (or no action). Something wonderful is out there. How can we jump over into it? We have an enemy that tries to stop our forward movement. The tactic is fear. As a recap, we saw that if we refuse or just can’t seem to let ourselves take the leap, it is exactly at the point of breakthrough that the default happens. If...

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