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The Secret To Encountering God In ‘The Shack’ Movie

It is strange to me that there seems to be some controversy among Christians about watching the movie ‘The Shack.’ But are these reasons valid? “I read the book and loved it.” “I read the book and didn’t like certain parts of it.” “I didn’t want to read the book because I was nervous about whether it was portraying God accurately.” These and other banter have been chatted about over coffee or dinner or wherever people talk these days. And over the years the book ‘The Shack’ has been exposed to an exceptional amount of scrutiny. I guess I don’t quite...

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Surprising Reason Why NOW Is Important

To step across the threshold, we must leap forward. During this leap is where we will meet the incredible supernatural power of God. When we cross the threshold in any given belief, we are always crossing over from death to life when we connect with God. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us as believers. He is the best and most powerful ‘activation energy.’ (To understand this more, you can read the previous post on the threshold of your faith in the category ‘Faith In Action, ‘ or if you haven’t read any of the...

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Weird But Effective Ways To Crossover Into Faith

How are great things achieved? Research shows that it is different than first understood. Now, there is evidence that our brains never stop growing. Sounds encouraging! That means that we can achieve great things without having to put a lid on top of our lives fearing we are too old or not smart enough. For some of us, this forces us to see that we no longer have an excuse to fall back on when it comes to feeling as if we will never succeed. I am the poster child for this. I spent years plagued with the fear...

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Epic Formula To See The Science of Your Faith

Maybe you guessed it by now, but there is a special reason why all of this science is budding out into my posts. My dad, who passed away about two years ago, had his Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University. He was a brilliant man. His dream was to come up with the theory of gravity in layman’s terms. He spent 50 years of his life working on mass quantities of research. All of it super boring to me the entire time he was alive. Wanting to discuss things with me, he would broach his ideas and concepts of God, and...

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How To Hear God’s Voice More Clearly

Hearing God’s voice is probably the most important aspect of our relationship with Him, wouldn’t you say? You will love this if your answer is yes: Please watch this short video. (The quality is not the best because it was made at least five years ago, but it is so worth watching.) Then after the video, please listen to the 19-minute podcast of the message I gave on hearing God’s voice.   Below is the video:     Below is the podcast:   Riveted to your seat? Me too.  And every time, even while I was uploading this...

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What Is Prayer Anyway?

It’s intriguing to think about, why do people pray? We keep hoping for and talking about revival. How will this come about? There is one essential part that will burst the lid off and blast it into existence. Revival starts with me. It starts with you. With each one of us hungering and thirsting for more of God’s presence. Hold on hold on, I know you want to hear about one of those times. Right? I know that one of the most incredible ways to experience the Lord, is face to face or in other words, prayer. Let’s be...

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Super Tips To Activate Your Faith

I want to shock your mind with something! And by the end of this series in this category ‘Faith In Action’ if you haven’t gotten a new wavelength I will be shocked. Because what I am going to share with you over the next few posts revolutionalized my thinking. And it came in a rather mystifying way as my viewpoint was radically changed. In the previous post in the category of ‘Faith In Action,’ the topic of our worldview was highlighted from a few different angles. (If you didn’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so here.) We...

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Essential Steps To Take A Leap Of Faith

There is a fierce battle, a war really, going on for our mind. What and who is feeding and controlling what we think? There is a tension, a gigantic tug of war, and the default is for us to get pulled back to what we have been living by and the way we have been thinking. We sometimes struggle to take the needed Leap of Faith. This category series will have you leaping into a new faith. ‘Faith in Action’ can really change not only your mindset but it can also help you to fulfill those long awaited dreams....

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The Tipping Point Epiphany! Yes, Lord.

I looked up, and there he was standing with a big grin on his face as if we had just won the lottery (we don’t play the lottery, maybe we should). My husband, Gary, was holding up his phone facing it toward me trying to show me something amazing. I laughed at him, thinking how ridiculous it is that he thinks I can see his phone from all the way across the room. “What?” I said with a waff of sarcasm. Approaching me he was exclaiming, “I found it, I found it!” I guess he had been searching for...

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What Are The Obvious Signs?

It was a lazy pajama wearing morning as I was curled up on the swing in my backyard enjoying one of our beautiful, coveted, cooler, pristine November days here in Arizona. I took out a piece of paper and was jotting down name combinations that might relate to the word Anthem (in case you missed the two previous posts in this category ‘Beginnings of Grace Anthems’ here is the previous post and if you haven’t read any of them, they all tie together, start here). If you understand the website domain world, having two names put together is ideal...

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