Why look at all of this faith building? There may be a better way. Most of us struggle to live healthy and positive lives, some of it due to our mindset and some of it because of our actions (or no action). Something wonderful is out there. How can we jump over into it?

We have an enemy that tries to stop our forward movement. The tactic is fear.

As a recap, we saw that if we refuse or just can’t seem to let ourselves take the leap, it is exactly at the point of breakthrough that the default happens.

If we don’t activate, we go back to being stuck. But if we have enough ‘activation energy’ the threshold is crossed, and we have a ‘breakthrough.’

In our ‘Faith In Action’ category (the previous post is here, or you can start at the beginning of the category here), we haven’t brought up the concept of the breakthrough yet. It’s a sudden dramatic, important discovery or development. In an instant, what has affected or afflicted you for a long time can switch gears, and in a current, NOW moment, your faith can go in the opposite direction, into a right decisive action.

Emotions are often fickle and temporary. However, our actions are lasting. Habits define our life. And it is interesting that our feelings are tied to our actions, meaning that a decisive action can create positive emotion.

How I view this is – I get one response to each situation in my life. I can’t stand there evaluating how other people are ‘making’ me feel or act. I am responsible for my actions and mine alone… (that’s easier to type than to do).

I am a ‘reactant’ by nature, but that doesn’t mean that I have to let other people get under my skin forcing me to be the ‘victim’ to anyone’s negativity.

The following is some great advice…

A pastor friend of mine that I saw for counseling shared a life changing remark with me. He said, “You are a caring person, and you have heartfelt motives and good intentions so why do you let other people injure you?” He continued with this…”

“99% of the time you are not responsible for how the other person is negatively spewing or hurling their reactions toward you. You are meeting these people right smack in the middle of whatever is going on in their life at that current time.” An example would be – if I asked someone how their job is going and that same day they were fired… that could result in me receiving some anger from them or a sarcastic response, even though I didn’t know anything about their job loss. There are many instances when this can occur, so, the 99% can be very vast and extensive, resulting in a lot of pain if I am absorbing all of this personally, allowing myself to feel the pain, as rejection.

In that moment…

I heard the Holy Spirit reveal to me that the other 1%, He would help me with, meaning that He would show me when I needed to make amends for something I did or said to someone, that wasn’t right or kind.

The thought came to me as I was sitting there with my pastor friend… “That sounds as though I am 100% covered!”


The result of understanding this has been a breakthrough for me…

I discovered a few realities that go along with this… Have you ever been with another person who is more draining to be around, then uplifting and inspiring?

I have. (I am pretty certain you have too.) It’s as though that person has an uncanny way of getting under my skin ‘influencing’ me to be a worse version of myself. I know you are saying right now, I thought you just said that we are responsible for our actions. Yes, I did. But I want to share with you that in some cases I have to identify the people in my life that have a tendency to push or invoke me to respond with unhealthy actions. I am learning that I can control the amount of time I spend with anyone and I can limit my exposure to the repeated tactics that create deep-seated harm to my inner core.

Years and years of not understanding this affected so much of how I viewed myself, blaming myself, believing there must be ‘something wrong’ with me. When in actuality much of the time I was the recipient, not the cause.

Maybe you think that this would eliminate everyone out of your life. And I laugh as I think you could be correct. However, that is not my point. Each of us has control of our actions and reactions. You do, and I do, and the other people in our lives do as well.

Responding to people in a meaningful respecting way comes from how we are filled up in the NOW moment. As we realize that when we are drained and exhausted and in desperate need of stepping aside to cool down and be refreshed, we can also understand that this is a choice that others must make as well. If we don’t, then, we are choosing to be stagnant pools, and we will invariably let that pour out when our ‘vessel’ is bumped or toppled. If someone hasn’t learned this yet or refuses to take charge of their emotions and reactions, then I have found that I can and should limit or lessen my exposure to this person. Hurting people hurt people.

Negativity and pain stick with you… but it can be cleared away.

You can learn to recharge. You can be someone that embraces and loves those that are hurt, but it doesn’t mean you have to let their issues rest on you.

And the good news is that you can stop from passing negativity on by being a refreshed, renewed and whole person full of life.

I am sure you will agree that being with others who pour out refreshing water is not only a blessing but it is vital to the future of realizing goals, dreams, and aspirations. These people help bolster and booster you to the next level because they become the catalyst of positive, inspiring vibrations.

Back to the breakthrough…

How does this work in your life? We are usually looking for some ‘big’ breakthrough that will come about and change the way we look at things and thus cause complete immediate and permanent change; this is a misnomer.

Each given NOW moment in your life you can jump on over into a new belief.  I have found that there is a major component that is needed for breakthrough. What is it?

As you come to realize that God is going to be the breakthrough for you – you will see that He intersects your life with people that carry a positive ‘energy charge,’ and they will give off a beautiful vibration of love.

God’s love. His True Love is so infectious it can change you in an instant. If we spend time rehearsing all of our disillusionment of other people and get stuck in the expectations we put on everyone, we won’t even notice when God is creating an intersection for something new. Many people are looking for their next great breakthrough and God is doing one every day. The key to the breakthrough is this…

First, you have to be a receiver of God’s True Love because only then will you have the capacity for loving others as we saw with the 100% coverage. Coverage like this is like a live-wire. Vibrant vibrating love is a very active catalyst. It multiplies quickly. As you surround yourself with ‘good vibrations’ – breakthrough is coming. It has to. It’s the science behind the faith.

And you can be an active, positive, vibrant catalyst too.