Maybe you guessed it by now, but there is a special reason why all of this science is budding out into my posts. My dad, who passed away about two years ago, had his Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University. He was a brilliant man. His dream was to come up with the theory of gravity in layman’s terms. He spent 50 years of his life working on mass quantities of research. All of it super boring to me the entire time he was alive. Wanting to discuss things with me, he would broach his ideas and concepts of God, and the Holy Spirit, with a special flavor of his mad scientist, thought life. (My mother called his writings ‘chicken scratchings’ because it looked as though a chicken had walked all over it with blotchy numbers everywhere.)

After he had passed away, it was as though a torch was put right into my hand that sparked something in me. All of a sudden it was all things science. This was ignited the day I googled ‘activation.’

Activation Energy Sparks

Activation Energy Sparks


Being a person that loves, did I say loves, the Word of God, it was hard for me at first to not feel as though I was somehow betraying my ‘heritage’ as a Bible teacher (whatever that means). Isn’t it taboo to unite the Bible and science together? At least that was my perception and perspective before the day I crossed over the threshold barrier and realized that God created both. Yes, He did.

I am my own prime example here of what has to happen to get us to cross over the threshold barrier and let go of our current viewpoint to let the best viewpoint become a product in our life. We need faith activation energy. (Remember from the previous post in the ‘Faith In Action’ category we talked about the fact that it is extremely difficult to demolish a stronghold or you can start at the beginning of the ‘Faith In Action’ category here.) Our worldview is etched into our hearts.

Here is the diagram again to refresh your memory and also to have it right here so we can observe more of the details.

Another science concept that is worth bringing up is that reactions involving the breaking of weaker bonds proceed faster than reactions involving the breaking of stronger bonds.

In our faith analogy, this is true too. We have bonds, with bond strength. This is another way of saying we have some serious chains that hold us prisoner and keep us stuck. And the stronger the bond, the slower the reaction will be inside of us to have it removed.

Unless there is activation energy. And even then, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to create the initial spark to get the transition started. But what if it could happen faster?

In enters the catalyst.

With the presence of a catalyst, less energy is required to reach the transition state to cross the threshold.

It is a bit of a tricky word. A catalyst may affect the reaction favorably, but it could also have the opposite effect binding to the reactants and polarizing or freezing them in their tracks.

A catalyst works by providing an alternative reaction ‘pathway’ to the reaction product. However, a substance which works well as a catalyst for one type of reaction might not work well as a catalyst for a different one.

Is your science head spinning? All of these charts and beakers and potential explosions can seem unnecessary.

But, this is basic and not that hard to understand if you spend a minute thinking it through.

Here goes…


Please observe the diagram above. If a catalyst is present, then less energy is needed to reach the transition state. So a catalyst can enable reactions that would otherwise be blocked or slowed down to occur at faster rates. If a catalyst is in the equation, it can change the equilibrium and momentum, and be a perpetual motion machine.

In your faith wouldn’t it be wonderful if this were true? What if you had a catalyst that gave you energy so you could reach your transition state faster? Have you ever felt frustrated that nothing new seems to happen in you or your life? Maybe the same old same old is your story. You keep doing the same thing or feeling the same way, but you are confident that there is a way out from the chains of affliction, but how?

A catalyst could literally help you get over the hump. And you could wake up one-morning having changes in your thinking. Changes in your hard drive, those things that seem to keep you in anxiety or up all night. (Or may make you ‘hard’ to be around.)

The question still remains. What is a catalyst in your life?

It could be someone, or it could be something that helps you find an alternate ‘pathway’. Some sayings:

“You can’t keep doing the same things you have been doing and expect to get different results.”

or ”

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”


“God can restore what is broken and change it into something amazing. All you need is faith.”  Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.”

A catalyst can offer a new direction allowing you to skip steps that require a lot of energy.

Can you think of any catalysts in your life? (These could be good or bad)

Our minds are continually being shaped by our thoughts and experiences, and therefore negativity is one of the most toxic forces on the planet. What you listen to, can either help you or hinder you. So please don’t allow yourself to listen to negative people or those people that continuously shoot you down or drag you with them into despair causing you to feel bad about yourself.

Consider the source. (Consider the catalyst – not all are created equal.) Don’t take everyone’s advice. If you do, then that person’s negative energy could propel you up and over the wrong threshold. Make sure they have the credibility to be a good sounding board for YOU and that they are a positive catalyst! Yes all people have struggles, and they stumble and fall, and you can certainly learn from them, but not all people are suitable and healthy for you. You will know the difference.

The benchmark is, which side of the equation you end up on…

Just a thought… We become a product of our own choosing…

Once you have removed as much of the negative influence as possible then it is time to feed, feed, feed off of the people and things that propel you forward into good ‘faith in action.’

That’s next times topic… see you then.

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