I have been waiting for what seems like my whole life to write my first blog post. God has conveyed to me for the last 15 years that the message He has put on my heart and the details of that message would reach out to the whole world. Today is the day for that to begin. I have always known, just as most Christians I know, that we have the most important message to share and until we find a way to express it we will keep wondering what our purpose in life is all about. To be honest, I believe that until we have a sense of security in realizing our unique beauty, we won’t grasp what we are designed to be good at doing. Finding the right fit and learning the skills to achieve it can be a daunting and perhaps a lifetime occupation. Our identity is not always what we expect it to be. And until we find our identity we can feel lost. I have felt a noose around my neck that seemed to occasionally yank so taught it felt as though it was snapping off some of my clear thinking brain cells. Frustration with myself has been a huge hindrance. Why was I challenged in feeling special? Why might you be? Everything around us wants to tell you and me that we are small and insignificant and then have us base our identity on that fact.

If you know that Someone TOTALLY loves you, you will never feel threatened again, and that has the power to change your life.

I have so much to share, and I can hardly wait. Hang on for the ride we are in for an adventure. One of the reasons it has taken me ‘forever’ to write my first blog post is that I am a self-defined perfectionist. I want my website to look as polished and professional as the other ones I see out on the internet. But after recently accomplishing writing my first book I realized that no matter how many years I try to perfect it, frankly it will never be ‘good’ enough. So I hit send last week to get my first proof of that long awaited book. To my excitement and far exceeding my expectations, it arrived in the mail yesterday. One of the most serial and inspiring moments of my life. “I wrote a book, and it’s gorgeous!” What is crucial to tell you is that…

I would not have been able to do that even last year because I didn’t feel worthy. But in many ways, that’s not the point, but it is to some degree. Interesting, all along I have been worthy because that is who I am in God.

My hope is that someone will read, enjoy and keep coming back to hear what True Love has looked like in my life and be encouraged and compelled to realize it’s true for them as well. I hope that’s you!

In the next few posts, I would like to tell you the ingenious way that the Lord gave me of knowing what, why, and how the establishing of the name Grace Anthems would come about and how you can be a part of it too.

Oh, and people only write their first blog post once! I can now check that off my list. My second, third, and so on are on their way.