Hearing God’s voice is probably the most important aspect of our relationship with Him, wouldn’t you say?

You will love this if your answer is yes:

  1. Please watch this short video. (The quality is not the best because it was made at least five years ago, but it is so worth watching.)
  2. Then after the video, please listen to the 19-minute podcast of the message I gave on hearing God’s voice.


Below is the video:



Below is the podcast:


Riveted to your seat? Me too.  And every time, even while I was uploading this video, it makes me cry. I think it’s because I can feel the love of both the mother bear and the baby grizzly for two different reasons. One, I am a mom and I would do anything to protect my children and two I often feel like that baby grizzly. It also helps me to feel the emotions my Father has for me and I have for Him. Could you feel that too?

What part of the message helped you see things differently so you can hear the voice of God more clearly? Or maybe for you, it was that you already are hearing Him and this confirmed it to you.

Let me know in the comments on this blog. Blessings!