It is almost too beyond, beyond amazing to even write about this. Something I never realized could be the greatest sweetest most lovely blessing in your life.

That blessing is becoming a grandma!! (Of course, that would be a grandpa if you are a man.)

At 5:00 am on Wed April 19th my oldest daughter Jenn came into our room and was standing at the end of the bed saying her water broke. (This was three weeks early to her due date.) I was so sound asleep and I thought I was dreaming, except for the mere fact that when I sat up wondering if it was real all the lights were on in the room.

We gathered up all her four bags of necessities and got in the car to head to the hospital. When we arrived, she was taken straight to triage (into the very same room she was in the afternoon before because she was having a few complications and subsequently put on bed rest). After the ‘inspection’ it was determined that she would have a cesarean section in the next time slot. That was just 45 minutes, and we were gowned up and heading for the delivery room. With a quick stop in the corridor so her dad, brother, and sister could give their love and hugs.

I was asked to wait in the recovery room while they prepped her. As I sat there, I didn’t want to think about the procedure, so I got out my phone and was practicing how to work the video camera. Can you imagine if in that precious moment you have a technical malfunction? Oh boy, I would be in big trouble.  That was my ‘only’ job as far as the whole family was concerned and other than my husband’s complete ignorance of video recording, I was the next worst choice for the assignment. But I was determined to make it work.

As the doctors and assistants began the surgery, I positioned my phone at the precise angle above the big blue curtain. I tried not to be in the way, making sure the anesthesiologist could see, but he commented with, “I’ve seen it, I’m good, you enjoy.” He even helped me line it up to the correct angle and position, and then, he was the one, who kept an eye on it while I watched the event in real time. Thankfully the recording turned out perfectly, so I ended up being the hero and not the dud. The family enjoyed watching it all later. And so did Jenn.

The moment that sweet baby girl was brought into the world my life is now forever changed. It is captivating to look at her and see a miracle. God designs the most beautiful work of art in each life He creates.

I thought about how we can go through life only observing it from the ‘video’ aspect, all the while God wants us to view life as He does. We sometimes see the events of life as though they are prerecorded, but God sees them through the lens of real-time, every time. When I went back to watch the video, it was interesting to me that it seemed almost as though it was two different events. My memory of that moment has a different depth to it and will always be better than the video.

Here is the video – the miracle of the Peanut! (Click the link below to watch.)


Watch The Miracle Of Birth


I am so blessed to have viewed this incredible moment with my own eyes and not just through the eye of the camera lens.

Doing life in real time has lasting memories that are real. Holding my little tiny beautiful granddaughter is the best blessing ever!!

Our family is loving our brand new addition!