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Have you found your true identity? There are only a few meaningful things that have a lasting impact on us, and getting a life revelation is one of them.

What if you could know you are TOTALLY loved? What if that affected you to the point where you never have to feel threatened again? The struggle to become whole and content would no longer consume your daily life.

Imagine a strength of trust and security forming deep inside of your soul, maybe even repairing, reshaping, and enhancing your understanding of love.

Debbie Jones has interspersed her personal journey with God throughout this seven-week Bible study book, ‘Rooted in His love.’ Sharing openly; she hopes to provide a real-life perspective. Be ready to uncover the treasures that are beckoning from the heart of God as you find the keys to living out of the fullness of God’s beautiful True Love, and in the end; you will have your own story of God’s love, to share with others.

  • This study will be your turning point in understanding how incredibly deep God’s love is for you.
  • Learn to see love through a new lens with a clearer focus, because you need to know you are amazing.
  • Through life’s trials, we often open up to encounter God on a whole new level, and other people’s stories can help us immensely.
  • Listen to your heart pound with emotion while you are drawn into the adventure of God’s people as they meet His unconditional love, in a two-sided friendship.
  • You will recognize and appreciate that God’s covenant is powerful and sacred and this will root you in His love.
  • Find out what it means to dine at the King’s table and how this will impact your worship.
Debbie Jones

Author of 'Rooted In His Love', My Identity Is God's Love For Me