I want to shock your mind with something! And by the end of this series in this category ‘Faith In Action’ if you haven’t gotten a new wavelength I will be shocked. Because what I am going to share with you over the next few posts revolutionalized my thinking. And it came in a rather mystifying way as my viewpoint was radically changed.

In the previous post in the category of ‘Faith In Action,’ the topic of our worldview was highlighted from a few different angles. (If you didn’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so here.) We saw that we sure have a lot of emotions and commotion inside of us when something rubs up against our core beliefs. Our worldview matters because this is the cornerstone of our existence. We are reactant and our behavior, how we respond, emerges out of our rooted faith. There has to be a crisis or a transformational event to dislodge our negative embedded focus.

What we have lived by and the ‘real’ truth come railing against each other in a critical situation. Which one do we default to? Our actions surface when we’re under pressure.

Think about this for a minute… Is it hard to demolish a stronghold?

I remember many times that God has confronted me on the foundations of right thinking and right believing. Crises in my life have caused me to rethink why and how I am handling and dealing with these issues. Big watershed moments, but also what would seem to be just common everyday occurrences, have rubbed against my views, opinions, and principles. When this friction happens, God is helping me to see some of the compromises that have settled in me. Being healed sure doesn’t feel like it comes easily. I, like you, want to avoid pain, none of us like to hurt. And only the Lord has the wisdom and power to demolish our strongholds and set us free.

It may take years or possibly decades or maybe unfortunately never for real transformation to come to any one given belief. We can be stubborn refusing to let go of the one viewpoint in order to grab hold of the rope of the best viewpoint.

A transformational moment came for me one day when God sent a woman, whose name is Crystal, into my path to make things crystal clear to me. She approached me with her friend and said that she had been waiting for the right time to come up to me to asked me if she could pray for me. I of course agreed, who wouldn’t want prayer. I figured she would pray a sweet prayer and all would be good. As her timid, soft voice began, there was trepidation until the moment God took over. In that instant you could sense an activation taking place inside of her that charged her up and compelled her to speak with authority over me. The details aren’t necessary to the story (but I know you want them).

Let’s just say that when she said, “Amen” I got the message. It was wonderful. In fact, I can’t recollect a more engrossing prayer. We chatted for a few minutes afterward, that is how I found out her name.

When I was home later, I couldn’t help thinking about what was said. But along with that, how it was said.

The word that came to mind was ‘Activation.’ It seemed as though there was an activation. However, I wasn’t sure what that meant, so when you don’t quite know what something means, what do you do? You Google it.

Up popped – Activation Energy.

Wow, this is intriguing. Science?

Activation Energy = the least amount of energy required to activate atoms or molecules to a state or condition in which they can undergo a chemical reaction.

Say what? I’m confused. Maybe you’re confused too. I hope you are intrigued enough to know how this applies to you. Read on its incredible.

  • For a reaction to occur, reactants must collide with each other.
  • Only those collisions result in product formation.
  • This energy must be equal to or more than a minimum of energy.
  • This specific energy is called the threshold energy.
  • An energy barrier between reactants and products must be crossed before products can be formed.

Put your belief in the place of a reactant, in order for you to form a new belief, and then have that essentially be formed into a new ‘product’, you have to have some activation energy.

OK now back to the science…

Chemical reactions proceed at different rates. The factors that affect them are:

  1. Concentration or pressure of a reactant
  2. Temperature
  3. Nature of the reactants
  4. Presence or absence of a catalyst (don’t be concerned about this one right now).

A ‘change’ in one or more of these factors may alter the rate of a reaction.

Only collisions involving particles with sufficient energy result in the formation of an activated complex. If it is less than the threshold energy, it will bounce apart upon collision or simply stay the same.

Let’s apply this to our FAITH.

To get us to cross over the threshold to ‘change’ (remember it is extremely difficult to demolish a stronghold), we have to overcome the factors and friction that cause pressure. If things get too ‘heated in our battles’ or we are just unwilling in our nature to desire any change, we will either ‘bounce apart’ as in, come unglued, or we will just stay the same in our worldview with no new good ‘product’ formed.

When situations or circumstances come into our life, is there enough faith activation energy to let go of our current viewpoint and cross the threshold barrier to the best viewpoint?

We have the power in God to push the activation button.

Push the button and engage your faith! You may be thinking, but how. It sounds good, but how do I engage my faith?