How are great things achieved? Research shows that it is different than first understood. Now, there is evidence that our brains never stop growing. Sounds encouraging! That means that we can achieve great things without having to put a lid on top of our lives fearing we are too old or not smart enough.

For some of us, this forces us to see that we no longer have an excuse to fall back on when it comes to feeling as if we will never succeed.

I am the poster child for this. I spent years plagued with the fear of failure. And if pictures went along with definitions in the dictionary, then in the past, one of me with a big cheesy grin, would have been right next to the word ‘unsuccessful.’ At least that is how I used to perceive myself.

But that is no longer the case for me. I have realized that I can accomplish and achieve more than I ever imagined. And this has started a chain reaction in a lot of other areas in my life. It begins when I put my faith in action. Action, instead of just thinking and analyzing pondering and dissecting.

Isn’t that what our minds do? Our brain is designed to protect us and to keep us from the uncertain, scary, worrisome things; this is our brain’s way of being in charge. And the way it does this is by trapping us inside of our heads. Otherwise known as overthinking.

Over the last few posts in the category ‘Faith in Action,’ (you can start at the beginning here), we have seen how every one of us default to our worldview and that this strong force is indelibly etched into our soul. In entered the catalyst in our last post – ‘The Science of Our Faith’ to show us that there is extra energy available to help us with an alternative ‘pathway’ so we can reach our faith transition state faster. We often need a catalyst because our roots go down deep. And our knee-jerk reaction is to overthink, even before we overreact.

So how do we get out of our heads?

Action! Yes, that’s the simple answer.

To be more specific – when we focus on the action, we will be happier. The action is the antidote to fear.

Not perfect action, just some intentional action. Inch by inch, step by step – and leap by leap, this is how great things are achieved, through action-based initiative and learning.

Mulling things over is the crushing blow that kills off any ounce of fortitude we might have in any given project or endeavor, change or rearrangement of our life priorities.

Please answer this next question out loud with either a big yes or a no. Sometimes it takes a ton of your energy just to get started on something, doesn’t it?

If you answered no, then when was the last time you had to get out of bed knowing you were going to traffic school? Or maybe that’s fun, but the dentist requires a different exertion of energy because you fear it is going to hurt. How about reorganizing your closet. Ya, probably got you on that one didn’t I? When we spend most of our energy stewing and fretting and putting it off, we won’t have any activation energy left for the task at hand. We talked about a catalyst and discovered that with the presence of a catalyst it requires less energy to get up and over the threshold to form a new product in our faith and in our lives (that clean closet awaits you).

We tied science and faith together. Which some people believe is a no no. But for me, once I connected these together it gave me added faith, almost as though that was the catalyst in itself.

Interesting. What is faith? It is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

When we cross over the threshold in any given belief (this is a constant daily thing throughout our life – even to have faith at the dentist), we will always cross over from death to life.

I have to explain my recent ah-ha moment…

A car accident and some injured teeth can cause a mom to do just about anything to help their daughter get the help she needs. My daughter Andrea hit the center divide on one of our six lane freeways here in the Phoenix area a few months ago. She had said good-bye only 20 minutes before and walked out of the house, proceeded to drive down the street when I had this ‘feeling’ of dread come wafting over me. I felt this inclination to pray.

As I was apprehensively reading a book, I could hear my husband’s voice resounding a heavy deep tone as he stated, “You rolled the car?”

I knew in an instant who he was talking to. But at least he was ‘talking’ to her. His demeanor changed a bit as the police officer took Andrea’s phone from her and continued the conversation. He explained that she was alright but that it would be a good idea for us to come to her assistance.

My heart was pounding out of control. I mean pounding. I could hear it up inside of my head.

The entire drive to get to her, first seemed like it was in slow motion and second, I feared what we would really encounter. But I was also panicked by every vehicle near us on the road and the each lane change as my husband (thank goodness it was him) was driving us to her location. (Did I mention that this was the second car accident in one week, as our other daughter totaled her truck in a Veteran’s Day Parade 6 days before this also on a freeway. I was rattled in every sense of the word,)

When we arrived at her location, she was sitting on the cement wall near her vehicle, which had somehow been towed to the right side of the freeway. I ran to her and embraced her with the predictable joy of relief. Then I saw the car… my heart skipped a beat, and I hugged her again this time with the gratefulness that she was still alive.


When she was cut off by a red pickup truck and hit the center divide at 65 miles per hours, the impact flipped the Jeep onto the driver’s side landing it right on the black pavement that was then only inches away from my baby girl.  As the momentum spun her in a circle, she said she felt the Lord’s presence and heard Him say inside of her, slam on the breaks. At first, she wondered why this would even matter at this point, but knowing that inner voice other times in her life she heeded it and responded. In that instant the car righted itself facing perpendicular to all of the oncoming cars at rush hour. And not one car hit her, as the entire road came to a screeching halt.

She literally grabbed her purse, and cell phone climbed over the center console and exited the vehicle. Remarking later to us that she got out as though she was going shopping at the mall. A number of people jetted out of their cars to run to her aid and were in awe that she was perfectly fine. They said that when the car righted itself, it helped them to avoid her.

The car was totaled!!

She went to ER that night but was released with a few scraps and chipped teeth.

In enters the catalyst…

My daughter was scared to go to the dentist, and it took her a few months to make the appointment. Now please understand me that I could have made it for her but she may not have been ready to go and therefore refused. I mentioned (stupidly I might add) that if she made an appointment for both of us to have a cleaning at the same visit, then I would go and she could proceed from there.

Did I mention that we will do anything for our kids? Now, I was forced to have to go to the dentist. I had been avoiding it for two years because I knew I had two cavities that needed filling and the memory of the previous encounters had weighed heavy on my mind.

As we sat in the waiting room of the dentist, I knew I was there to give her moral support. Bravery Deb, bravery. After all, this was only a cleaning.

Well, you guessed it, we both had to come back two days later to have the ‘work’ done. Not only did I have the same two cavities but now I had three more. When we returned… (I actually went back only because I had dubbed myself the catalyst to get her to go in the first place.)

She went first (and I watched), which is a bad idea right before you know you are next. When it was my turn, I was so relieved that she was there with me. As it turned out, we were the catalyst to each other.

We were each other’s energy spark that moved both of us to cross over the threshold to healthy teeth. (As of this writing we both still have to return for one more visit this week.)

Let’s interject a bit more science OK?

A threshold. Have you thought about what this word is defining?

In our modern day terms, we talk about a groom carrying his bride over the threshold. He steps his foot over that piece of wood or metal and voila the two of them are now in their new home to live happily ever after. Their new life has begun.

In science a threshold =

1. A point or level at which something begins or changes.

2. A value above which something is true or will take place, and below which it is not true and will not take place.

3. The magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a particular reaction, phenomenon, result or condition to occur or be manifested.

To step across the threshold, you have to leap forward into something new. If you don’t reach the threshold, you default back down or out or away and stay, in a sense, in the death of your dreams. (Does healthy teeth count as a dream?) We want them… but are we willing to take the needed leap of faith in action?

What holds you back? Sometimes it happens… It’s more times than we would like to admit. Stubborn refusal…

Oh, how I have been there… have you? I know I am preaching to the choir…

When I stated earlier that our brains are always growing, that means that we have the capacity to side with the favorable things in our life. We can fulfill our dreams. Even the wild and crazy ones. It’s simple. Both are the same, the dentist and the crazy dreams that we want to accomplish in our lives. 

They both start with the same thing, ‘take action’! Add a catalyst if need be. But cross the threshold. You can do it!

What is the next thing you want to be standing on the other side of in ‘your threshold of faith,’ looking back at, feeling amazing inside because you know that you got out of your head and leaped into it?

Leave me a comment. I would love to hear what you have been inspired to do. Tell me of some recent times in your life that you crossed over into a whole new world.

Join our community. The excitement will continue as I will be posting something new every few days. Keep coming back to and here is the next post. Enjoy!