It was a lazy pajama wearing morning as I was curled up on the swing in my backyard enjoying one of our beautiful, coveted, cooler, pristine November days here in Arizona. I took out a piece of paper and was jotting down name combinations that might relate to the word Anthem (in case you missed the two previous posts in this category ‘Beginnings of Grace Anthems’ here is the previous post and if you haven’t read any of them, they all tie together, start here). If you understand the website domain world, having two names put together is ideal and at this stage realistically a lot harder to ‘come by.’ As I mulled over the main things that the Lord had shown me over the years I would have to say that other than love, His grace has always been at the forefront of all He has revealed to me. Instantly the first name I wrote down was, and in the back of my mind, I just had to search it out to see if it ‘was taken.’

As I typed it into the domain search engine, an unexplained zeal rose in my heart. It could have been the uncertainty, or it could have been the hope, but either way I was ready to know the answer.

As the screen brightened, its response ‘Available’ was displaying the brilliant and beautiful result, and I felt as if I had just given birth to it in some mysterious way. Then, imagine my surprise when I also discovered that the .org and the other two names with the ‘s’ on the end as .com and .org were also free. (I know this may not make as much sense if you are not a techie, but it does become relevant as the intriguing story unfolds.)

I heard the Lord whisper in His sweet I am giving you a sign kinda way, “I saved them for you, and notice that it is four, representing the four corners of the earth.” 

So I quickly made my purchase. Done deal. That was easy, right? But I got to second guessing myself and my abilities and even the name. In the Lord’s unparalleled way He just seemed to understand my dilemma and was willing to offer to keep showing me that this was indeed from Him.

On the return home from a weekend getaway with some friends, we stopped in a town called Anthem to shop at the outlet center. As I pulled off the freeway out of the periphery of my vision, I saw a sign and was curious why it captivated my attention when my mind was on the acquisition of a designer purse. Each of us purchased one, and as we were paying for our loot, the sign suddenly came back to my heart. I drew a blank trying to remember what it said. So as we were leaving the parking lot, I just had to swing around the block to take another look asking my friends to make a mental note of it in their minds as we sped past it.

When we arrived back in our neighborhood, none of us could remember what the sign said, and I was mad that I hadn’t taken a picture of it on my phone.  A month of laying awake wondering what’s written on a few wooden planks can cause your memory to play tricks on you.  Sleepless in Mesa provoked me to be intrigued enough to search the internet. Looking up the chamber of commerce, and then trying various other angles, I ultimately resorted to phoning someone on the Anthem, town counsel. Surely they would know. The woman who answered had lived there for five years and had driven by the sign every day, but she couldn’t recollect what it said. She even offered to go by it on her way home and call me later.

In the meantime, the very same day, out of the blue, my friend who was one of the ladies in the car with me the day of the shopping spree sent me a picture. For some unexplainable reason, she felt compelled to send me a picture of you guessed it, the sign. We hadn’t had a conversation about it in over a month, but she was visiting there that day, happened to drive by it, and remembered how much I wanted a picture of the sign.

There it was, right in front of me. I could hardly breathe. Why was this so persistently important to me?

When I read it, ‘Welcome to Anthem – Life in Abundance’ it was as if the strobe light was finally illuminating the obvious. Why hadn’t I been able to retain these words before? What did they want to speak to my doubting heart?  Only God could have made it clear to me and only through those precise steps…

The relevance was apparent, at least to me.

God’s grace is life in abundance. And I found it the town called Anthem.

Grace and Anthem. Reassurance!

Can this be a coincidence, can I make this up? The saga continued as two other necessary components that correlate with this reassurance transpired later that evening…

In the next post, I will wrap up the story. For now, I would like to ask you, how does God speak to you? Is it through songs like my experience in the previous post, or maybe it’s through situations that even if you tried your best to substantiate and orchestrate every tiny aspect, you could never come up with ‘the way’ it eventually comes to pass.

Most of us yearn to hear God’s voice. He is regularly speaking and gifting each of us with His presence throughout our daily life.

We just have to see the ‘sign.’

His grace is life in abundance. And that will become the Anthem we proclaim forever!


(I decided to highlight and emphasize GraceAnthem(s).com because we each have more than one hallelujah expressing our individual praises to the Lord. And together we are a choir springing forth as a grand concerto.)

The final post in this category ‘Beginnings of Grace Anthems’ awaits you here.