Roughly six years ago my two younger children (who are now both adults) and I were having a conversation, the kind that happens ‘between the walls of our house.’ The topic was all of the things each of us are talented at in our family. I was in the hallway, and both of them were in their adjacent bedrooms. The paper-thin walls allowed them to hear each other. As the discussion continued my son, Brian who is incredibly artistic, and can draw the most awe-inspiring masterpieces (me, not so much) was trying to explain that our ‘discussions’ would be fascinating to other people and that I should make videos. I laughed. Not at him of course, but at the absurdity of that reality. No way, why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say.

A few minutes later I heard Andrea call out in agreement and the two of them began to think of ‘cool’ domain names for a website. I don’t even recall knowing what ‘that’ was at the time. Once they started the search, they were frustrated that most of their ideas were in use. All of this led to the three of us in Andrea’s room. She is the ‘commercial queen,’ meaning she can recite every advertisement by heart and knows all the tag lines. I think this is a talent. She even knew the branding for the mattress company of her bed. That is pertinent to this story because we were having a brand new bed delivered that afternoon because her other one fell apart not too long after we purchased it. The old mattress was on its way out, so seizing that moment when they knew I couldn’t be upset with them about ruining it; they proceeded to jump on the bed. They were begging me to join in. It is fun to do zany things occasionally. As the three of us were hopping up and down, Andrea exclaimed, “Ya, you should call it Anthem!”

“Why would I want to call it that, that sounds like a band or music group?”

But, that name stuck in my head. Anthem.

Fast forward four years. I am healed of fibromyalgia at a conference (see the previous post in this category ‘Beginnings of Grace Anthems’). God got my attention. So naturally at least for me, after the convention had concluded, I went for a walk at the nearby bird park in my neighborhood to process some of the magnitudes of all that had transpired. I had my headphones plugged into both my phone and my ears to drown out the noises of the loud and wild children romping and jousting along the trail. (I think even the birds would have chosen the headphones.) Most music is soothing to the soul. However, I must have uploaded an album and never listened to all of its content, because out of nowhere I heard a man singing and playing the guitar as if he were Led Zepplin or someone like him (I used to listen to him as a teenager). But at that moment that was not my intention.

The song started off so innocent and mellow. And I was in agreement with what it was saying. As it stated the words, “Wake up child. It’s your time to shine. You were born for such a time as this.” I could hardly breathe. I knew God was speaking those words straight to my heart as if He were thundering them from heaven. Then the song suddenly burst forth, as I mentioned, with that boisterous jolting, that riveted me.

The pounding in my heart from the noise stirred me to listen up because the words were for me to hear in that current moment. Something brought me to line up my thinking to believe this was finally true for me. I could feel a sense of awe rising in me that brought me to my knees, right there in the bird park (with the potential for anyone to see – thankfully I don’t recall if anyone did, though).

My phone rang…

It was my friend. But, I sure wasn’t wanting to speak with her in that sacred feeling moment, so I motioned to hit the drop call button, but instead, it answered her and dropped the song. I spoke with her mostly to tell her I would call her back.

I just had to get back to that song… Since my phone was on random shuffle when I went back to find it again, it was nowhere to be found.

But I had to find that song. The words were too important.

All evening I hunted through my songs listening to pieces and snippets of so many, I lost track. I finally gave up disheartened, mentioning to the Lord that if He wanted me to find it, then it would have to reappear miraculously. The next morning when I turned on my iTunes I knew that the very first song was that song; I recognized the music. I quickly looked down to note the name of the song, just in case I lost it again.

To my surprise the song title said…

‘The Anthem’

I listened with streams of gushing tears flowing down my face. Then I listened again, and again and again. Here it is so you can listen to it too, and I hope it moves you to know that it is your time to shine!!

Did it shake up your heart to believe that you were born for such a time as this???

Yaaa…”This is the Anthem of our generation. Here we are, God, shake our nation. All we need is Your love. You captivate me.”

All we need is His beautiful, perfect love. We can do anything if we know we are TOTALLY loved! To give out His love… as we are aware of how much we are loved. (And yes Lord You captivate me like no one else, I adore You)

In the next post, in the category – ‘Beginnings of Grace Anthems’ – I will continue the why this name…